Real Estate Specialist

About Richard Petronella

Richard Petronella was licensed to practice law in Texas in 1970.  He is a former Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice. He was Board Certified in Commercial and Residential Real Estate by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 1984. He has almost 50 years of experience as an attorney and more than 30 years experience as a real estate specialist.  He has been counsel in thousands of  real estate transactions and hundreds of real estate litigation matters in state and federal courts, at trial and on appeal, 


Richard Petronella has represented hundreds of buyers, sellers, developers, landlords and tenants.   He has been counsel in the sale, purchase, financing and leasing of commercial properties.  He has been counsel in transactions involving amounts from as little as $6,000 to as much as $60,000,000 and this has resulted in a unique and wide range of legal and practical knowledge applicable to real estate matters of all kinds.


At this point in my career I have purposely reduced the hours I spend providing legal services and limit the new matters I undertake.  I still provide legal services to those special clients that I have represented for many years.  I still enjoy what I do, I am just trying to do less so that I have more time to do all those other things I am lucky enough to do. I write this not to convince you not to contact me for help, but just to let you know candidly how that may influence your decision and mine about what I can do for you.